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Medication Management

I believe that therapy is the backbone of mental health treatment, but medications can be helpful in reducing the symptoms of most major psychiatric conditions. We will work together to determine a medication or regimen of medications that best address your or your child's needs.

* Sometimes the best plan is to reduce medications you are already taking, or simplify a regimen causing side effects or drug interactions. Whenever possible, my aim is to streamline your treatment plan, help you understand the purpose and possible side effects of any medication you or your child is taking, and use them for the shortest effective period of time.

* More is not always better and I don't believe there is a "Magic Pill" - sometimes my recommendation is not for more medication, but for some other treatment intervention or lifestyle change.

* Genetic testing is sometimes, but not always appropriate in identifying the right medication for you, and we may utilize it if indicated,  through Genesight. Click HERE for more info on this.

Psychiatric Evaluation

My background provides the foundation and expertise needed to fully integrate your health concerns, and consider all of the emotional, physical and environmental issues at play in what is troubling you or your child. This may include ordering labs or imaging, or asking that you consult with another medical specialist, when appropriate.

* A psychiatric evaluation of an adult is typically a 60-90 minute interview in which we will discuss many aspects of your life, your medical and personal history.

* For children and adolescents, this evaluation is longer, typically approximately 2 hours, spent interviewing parents as well as the child in question, and often incorporates the input of other providers, teachers or relevant caregivers in your child's life.

* Minors under the age of 18 will not be seen without a guardian present/available, except under special circumstances.

Medicine Prescription
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