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Jody Robinson, MD
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With over fifteen years of clinical experience, I offer psychiatric evaluations, diagnosis, medication management, and psychotherapy to patients of all ages, and preferentially to children, teens and young adults. My approach to care is holistic and individualized, mindful that each person has a story and set of circumstances vital to who they are and how they'll respond to treatment. 

My Story:

Before medical school, I considered becoming an artist or teacher. I've always loved working with children and teens, and in my earlier years was a Youth Group Leader at a Presbyterian Church, a Director of a junior tennis program, and a volunteer in a first-grade classroom. I fell in love with a psychology class in college, and that was the beginning of my journey into medicine. As we see all around us, and understand more through research in the field of neuroscience, physical health is intricately linked to emotional, cognitive and spiritual well-being. Ultimately, my curiosity about the mind/body connection and desire to connect with people drove me to pursue psychiatry as a specialty. 

I've lived and worked in the Denver area since 2008. My first position was with a large HMO, where I stayed for four years prior to moving onto a local community mental health group in 2012. Beginning in 2015, I practiced exclusively via telemedicine to community mental health centers in rural Washington. Part of this position involved remotely supervising a Children's Long-term Inpatient Program (CLIP) residential unit for severely ill children and teens. I founded Clear Skies Psychiatry, LLC in 2018 out of a desire to reconnect with patients in my home community and to help meet the urgent and growing need for child mental health resources here. Having experience in a variety of different practice settings and cultures, I'm open to people from all backgrounds and orientations.  And, as a parent myself- and lover of all things Colorado- the health and happiness of our kids and community is a top priority of mine. I do not practice medicine with any spiritual agenda, but will support you in your spirituality as that applies to you or your family. 

My private practice focus is primarily treating depression, anxiety, mood disorders, women's health issues, PTSD, ADHD, ODD, OCD and other adolescent or childhood behavior and school problems.  I also have a lifelong interest in exercise, fitness, nutrition and a research background in obesity and eating disorders.  There is additional flexibility and privacy available thanks to the technology of telemedicine and I'd be happy to discuss ways to make your visit more convenient for you, while protecting your confidentiality. 

As this private practice is small, I do not treat patients over the age of 65, major psychotic disorders, active addiction issues, chronic suicidality, dementia or psychiatric emergencies. A practice such as mine is not equipped to manage psychiatric conditions that require urgent care, intensive services, or 24/7 treatment. A mental health clinic or large health care system is better equipped to respond in these situations. If you would like to see my CV for more specific information about my work history and background, please click HERE.

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